12 Angry Men Movie

    3 page analysis of 12 Angry men

    Analysis Questions for 12 Angry Men

    -What Stage is the group at (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning)?

    -Who has the most status in the group?

    -Who do you see as providing leadership?  How?

    -What do you see happening in terms of

    Task Roles?           

    Group Maintenance Roles?

    -Is conflict functional or dysfunctional, how is it handled?

    -how do individuals and group do in terms of emotional intelligence?

    -Is the diversity on the jury helping or hurting their ability to get the task accomplished?  Why?

    -Do you see any examples of transference?

    -Any examples of group think?

    -Any examples of social loafing?

    -Other elements of group dynamics you see

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