10 project management best practices

    Write describing 10 project management best practices, one section for each knowledge area. Among the 10 best practices:

    At least five should be related to best practices that facilitate, support, or improve teamwork.
    For each best practice, determine the process group to which the best practice belongs and elaborate on its use.
    The existence of best practices does not guarantee their use, as you can understand from the conference paper titled The Non-adoption of Best/Accepted/Promising Practices in Projects.
    Include a section in the essay with recommendations for improving the adoption of project management best practices in an organization.
    The essay must be at least 900 words (about 3 pages) long.
    Use 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spacing.
    Justify the right margins.
    Organize the writing in sections with section headings.
    Format section headings using Microsoft Words Heading functions.
    Support the write-up with at least five additional sources as references.
    Insert cover page and reference pages(s).
    Cite and list references in correct APA style.

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